Custom Patio Covers

Proper advice for any project, including patio covers, must take into account the homeowner’s needs and demands regarding the space in question.  Long before you get to the point in your construction phase of any home remodeling job, you need to have the right plans.  And, before you have the proper plans laid out, you will need to have an eye for the design. 

There are different ways you could go about designing almost any space in your home, these ideas are just as important for  patio covers as they are indoors.  Outdoor kitchens are famous for having so many flexible options that people often hire a professional just to help them make a decision regarding appliance choices, cabinets and all the rest.  You might think you know what you want, but then you are presented with many choices of that thing and your mind reels again.

If you want to get enjoyment at it is fullest then perhaps you may browse through various patio covers guide to support you select the best shade for the area. They could either be an extension of your main roof or a discerned structure altogether. The idea is to provide a good deal of shade from the sun when it gets to hot and you still want to stay outside. Also if you are having a backyard party and it all of a sudden rains, everyone could stay under Patio Covers until the rain stops. Yes it happens, no matter how prepared you are for your party.

You need to consider various things before purchasing your patio covers:

  • The coverage of sunlight
  • The style of the house
  • Your garden theme

The first thing you have to think of is how much sunlight you would like to shield off. While it is nice to be protected you want to have numerous sunshine filtering through. You may choose from wooden slats, which provides partial coverage, or full coverage from regular roofing.

Next you have to consider whether this would match the design of your house specially if it extends from your roof. While they do not have to be of the same material, you could have them in similar or complementary colors.

Patio Covers supplement your home’s architectural style and at same time provide outdoor space for amusement or a quiet game of pool. The scene gets interrupted with temperature and weather changes, and you are left with no option but to move to the main house. A Lattice Patio Cover is an easy-to-use, economical and versatile system to protect your patio from the vagaries of nature. The discrepancy is in that, not similar to solid Patio Covers, Lattice Patio Covers block 50 to 60 percent of the sun.

Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice Patio CoversOn most counts it is weather conditions and the exterior of the house that determine in favor of Lattice Patio Covers. Cover material has to be water immune and rust proof, and will have to not crack, peel or split. Wooden Lattice Patio Covers have a natural appeal, but require regular painting and checks for termites etc. In keeping with preferent sensibilities, Patio Cover manufacturers have found an answer with aluminum that resembles wood in form. The new wood-grained aluminum gives the look of real painted wood that is UV resistant, heat and fire resistant, termite proof and does not crack, peel or rot for bacisly three years. Another vantage is that aluminum Lattice Covers have built-in gutters presenting a clean beautiful roofline. One may select from factory-baked enamel finish of natural cedar, or from a potpourri of colors available.

Lattice Patio Covers with open framework of crisscrossed wood or metal strips in regular or patterned spaces is a new design available in regional, general or habit models. These covers may be remodeled to fit in with any patio, whether attached to the house or a free-standing one in the yard. For a greener look, one may cover the Lattice with vines or other flowery creepers or, for a modernistic design, use half solid and half Lattice.

Aluminum louvers Patio Covers

Aluminum louvers Patio CoversAluminum patio covers with louvers are found in some dissimilar areas. When ventilation is necessitated for a space that does not receive easy air flow, an aluminum louver is oftentimes applied to facilitate easy motion of air. Some louvers are made to provide a ornamental enhancement to a location. Other louvers are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions and protect instrumentation from damage.

Whether a person wants to have a louver with a powder coating or be painted a special color, the aluminum louvers provide the skillfulness and flexibleness to formulate the design and color that is desired. They are made using formed aluminum rather of pressed metal which gives them much more flexibleness and durability in high climate areas.

Louvers that have been designed distinctively for architectural or ornamental intents do not have mobile slats. These louvers are often found as part of abstract or progressed building designs and cover entryways or irregularities in the buildings design. Many architects comprise aluminum louvers into the design of their buildings to add texture and depth to the design.

Aluminum is probably one of the most popular wood alternatives. Granted it is typically used more in the construction of awnings than patio covers however this is all changing thanks to several different manufacturers who are producing patterned aluminum that looks much like traditional wood.

Alumawood is probably the most well known of these manufacturers. They produce both kits and custom cover options based on client needs. Aluma wood is not the only player in this game however they are the most popular so it's worth checking them out to at least get some ideas of what you should be looking for from other manufacturers.

One of the great benefits of using aluminum in the construction of  patio covers it is that it is highly durable and even allows you to safely place a heater on your patio without having to worry about canvas or wood awnings catching fire.

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